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Sabine Vess: Jeroen Bosch en andere mensen

Hieronymus Bosch and other people


at the end of June 2012, during the open studios of Zaltbommel, Johannes van Rooij, a man I had never seen before, entering my home, said: I am not coming for your art, but may I ask you a question? he offered to support my theater project with street children in Lima. then he added: would you do me the favor to produce a drawing for me in the spirit of Hieronymus Bosch?
even though I can neither paint nor think as he did, I did not hesitate. to me the universe of the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch and that of the carpets of the Inca are kindred. as long as I can remember, I have felt at home in the ornamental language of Latin America, which I only realized working during several years with artisans of the Peruvian Andes.
starting my way into the fields of art, I could only write life down transformed that way.

I started the same day. I wanted to meet the request as soon as possible. but then, like a hound tracking its prey, I wanted to know, who the hell was this Hieronymus Bosch and I drew and painted him after a portrait of about 1550.
in June 2013, I started anew drawing him and with a last painted portrait my time under his sign came to and end.

in 2014 Johannes van Rooij offered me the book 'Sabine Vess: Jeroen Bosch en andere mensen' ('Hieronymus Bosch and other people'), with my drawing in the sense of Hieronymus Bosch, my drawn and painted portraits of him and my portraits and images of other people who had crossed my way up until then.

running out of the books at my disposal, I decided to put the images and original Dutch texts on my website.




voorwoord Johannes van Rooij

inleiding Nanne op't Ende

in de geest van Jeroen Bosch, 2012
de tekening, haar negatief-beeld en twee details


zeven portretten van Jeroen Bosch, 2012/13


Bruno Schulz, 1980/83 - een tekening, een ets
Eli Wiesel, 1987/88
Erwin Schenkelbach, de buurjongen van Bruno Schulz, 1992
Frans Kafka, 1997
Sigmund Rolat, 2014 - twee tekeningen


Sabine's straatkinderen, 2005/2014 - dertien tekeningen en schilderijen
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