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From Mombasa to Kampala: drawings of a 50 days' walk

In 1995 I took part in the Centenary Walk of the Fathers of Mill Hill. With a group of about 45 people, half of them Africans, half of them Europeans, we walked from Mombasa in Kenya to Kampala in Uganda. It took us 50 days. We covered about 30 km a day. Hans Burgman, a friend of ours, a Mill Hill Missionary, who, in the seventies, started a project in the shanty quarters of Kisumu, had invited us.
As on al my journeys, I kept a diary and drew as good as every day. Below you you can enter the drawn report. You can find the written report Frauen kreischen stampfen die Erde in my text pages.

...July I. 1-8

...July II. 9-16

...August I. 17-24

...August II. 25-32

...August III. 33-40

...August IV. 41-48

...August V. 49-56

...August VI. 57-63

...September I. 64-70

...September II. 71-79

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