bruno schulz - sabine vess: images of an encounten
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the graphic work born out of my encounter with Schulz' literature II.

second series: under the sign of the hourglass / the comet

After a break of about one and a half year, in September 1982, I carried on with my Schulz-etchings. The more I felt him the more, literally, I danced out of him.

.. the book - eighteen scenes

.. springtime - twelve scenes

.. sanatorium klepsydra I. - twelve scenes

.. sanatorium klepsydra II. - ten scenes

.. sanatorium klepsydra III. - nine scenes

.. lonesome I. - thirteen scenes

.. Edzio - ten scenes

.. the pensioneer - eight scenes

.. lonesome II. - eleven scenes

.. scenes of the time.. Dodo.. father joins the fire-fighters.. the comet

.. images without title I.

.. images without title II


bruno schulz - sabine vess: images of an encounter
index first series