stimulating others' creativity

working with rural peruvian artisans on a project of SENATI, Lima, from 1999 to 2002, and up to the end of 2004 with others

street children's theater on their lives

'nana de la calle' - lullaby of the streets - is one of the art project of Generación, Lima, an institution advocating the rights of street children, fighting with them for better, ever since its foundation in 1988
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bruno schulz 1892 - 1942

bruno schulz instituut
bruno schulz institute

24.02.1989 - 31.12.2016

the polish-jewish writer and graphic artist Bruno Schulz was born on 12 july 1892 and shot dead by a NAZI officer on 19 november 1942, in Drohobycz.
in 1971, I chanced upon his literature: the cinnamon shops and under the sign of the hourglass (sanatorium klepsydra).
in 1983/84, 80 of my 300 etchings resulting from that encounter were touring through Poland.
on 24 february 1989, we established the Foundation Bruno Schulz Institute, which came to an end on 31 december 2016.

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since 2001 I am a member
generación on facebook from 2000 until its end in 2016, the Bruno Schulz Institute supported the theater project of Generación. from 2005 to 2015, I personally worked with the kids.

under the sign of Hieronymus Bosch from 2012 to 2015 Johannes van Rooij supported the theater with my street children in Lima. in 2014 he offered me the book
Sabine Vess: Jeroen Bosch en andere mensen

nanne op 't ende:
the nuba mountains homepage

asociación artesanal 'sabine vess'
san miguel de pallaques, cajamarca, peru

november 2014: the little ones of the house in Rimac get prepared for their dance - this was perhaps the biggest surprise

reports of the process of 'nana de la calle' on youtube

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from generación, lima

2010 - rehearsals/performances in San Juan de Miraflores:
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on 25 April 2011 - almost six years after having been chased out of their home in Magdalena del Mar by the authorities - the kids of Generación have been back home for several hours to present a petition to presidential candidate Ollanta Humala

october 2011, rehearsal and a performance in Villa El Salvador, Lima

on 18 october 2012, we presented 'nana de la calle', their lullaby of the streets, at the amphitheater downtown Lima. 'nana de la calle' press report - nota de prensa - october 2012

october 2012, three performances

notes theater process 'nana de la calle' since 2005.. noticias proceso teatral 'nana de la calle' desde 2005

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celebrating art with my street children in Lima

we started this project in april 2013, painting, shaping masks and gods out of garbage... an inspiring time.

portraits of the kids

in 2004, when I decided to work on theater with the kids, I started to take photographs of them.

drawing/painting the kids

to get to know them better, in 2005, I started to draw and to paint the kids.

work of mine can be seen every saturday at briekantiek, heerewaarden, nl

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